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  • Talking Kona with Hailey Manning

    Posted on October 08 2013

    Hailey this morning at Dig Me Beach, after a shake out swim in Kona. Coeur: How many t...
  • A report from Kona FAN-tastic

    Posted on October 06 2013

    A well written account of Kona from the perspective of an Iron Fan!

    Days before the Kona race, we all went to see the practice swim and laughed our heads off at the UNDERPANTS RUN.

    Day of the race, we all got up at 4AM to go with them to registration. I don’t know if we were support team, entourage or both….but we were there as a functioning unit. Communication was key - between both moms, and dad and brother/brother-in-law and phone calls to those left on the mainland to report “she’s out of the water”; “he had a great transition time”; “just saw her on the bike – she looks great”…..communication was as streamlined and tight and concise as any military unit on a mission.

  • Growing the Sport of Triathlon

    Posted on October 04 2013

    Women Running 

  • Coeur Shares Thoughts on Conscious Capitalism

    Posted on September 29 2013

    Excerpt from First Coeur Team Meeting....

    “What else? What else do we need to define in terms of what we stand for?”

    “Well…I think that one of our guiding principles has to be that we associate with & support people courageous enough to have a strong moral compass...that do the right thing. I think that is inspiring. In other words, let’s build a team that not only has amazing technical skills but are the type of people even kids look up to.  Kids have such a good B.S. detector! They have to be someone others can respect and really get along with. Our brand begins with us.”

    “Kind of like Google’s “Do no evil” policy.”


    “What else? What about giving back?”

    “Challenged Athletes Foundation.  We definitely want to support CAF. Talk about athletes with heart. And Courage.”

    “Absolutely! One percent of sales. Done.”


  • Andrea's First Triathlon Experience

    Posted on September 29 2013

    It's Andrea week and here's a little recap of her first triathlon My first tri was the...