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  • Coeur Holiday Gift Guide

    Posted on November 24 2015

    Women's Tri Shorts
    Women's Triathlon Shorts From Coeur Sports
  • The Best Women's Triathlon Shorts

    Posted on August 11 2014


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  • Part II of our Brand Positioning Discussion

    Posted on April 16 2014

    So a couple weeks ago, we posted Part One of our brand positioning debate. We were having a wine fueled conversation about “who we are and what we stand for as a company.” We’d like to expand on that here in, Part II.

    Before we get started, we have to say that the delay in posting Part II was due to feedback from Part I. As a result of a comment we received about our triathlon tops and shorts, we actually changed our sizing. Going forward, everything will be sized down one size. In other words, the old Medium is now a size Small. The Small is now an Extra-Small.

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  • Looking back with a smile, looking forward with hope restored

    Posted on April 14 2014

    We’re starting to develop a pattern during the weekend at Coeur. We take the dogs out in the early morning, hit the office for about four or five hours to sublimate some triathlon tops or shorts and then run or mountain bike before it gets too late.

    We always keep at least one computer free to check race results and invariably, work slows while we broadcast well wishes and congratulations out via social media. This weekend, we had a full slate of Coeur girls in triathlons across the world and we have to admit, there were long stretches where more time was spent cheering than sublimating.

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  • The best women's triathlon shorts and tops

    Posted on April 09 2014