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Coeur Sports Creates Media Division

Posted: Mar 31 2017



Santa Monica, California. April 1, 2017


In a surprise announcement, women’s endurance sports apparel provider Coeur Sports stated that it is entering the media business. The entry into the media space will be via a new subsidiary called “Dazzling News” which launched its website “The Daily Dazzle” this morning. The Daily Dazzle, or just “the Daz” as insiders have come to call it, covers a wide array of topics in the endurance sports space including race reports, local news, and opinion pieces.

Coeur Sports explained their rational behind entering the incredibly challenging media industry by citing two significant paradigm shifts. The first change they referenced was the move to a digital format. According to a Coeur spokesperson, “More and more people are comfortable with digesting news via a mobile device instead of a printed piece. This changes the business model dramatically as printing cost is eliminated and cycle time is reduced.”

The spokesperson went on to say that the second, and perhaps most significant change has been a move away from an outdated practice called Fact-Based Reporting or “FBR”. “While some organizations have stuck with the archaic practice of finding and using "facts", we will not. The elimination of the reliance on having to only report on things that are "true" is truly seismic.” said the spokesperson. “In the past, news organizations have needed to do things like find sources and verify information. This required a substantial investment in staffing that is no longer needed.”

To underscore that fact, it was indicated that there are no reporters or editors on staff on the payroll at The Daz. Instead, all of the news will be crowd-sourced, plagiarized from sites who can afford to pay writers, or more than likely just flat out made up.

To read the first edition of publication, just click on this link The Daz or go to the URL