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Aww...come on. Give it a tri.

Posted: Mar 25 2014

“You. Can. Go. Go forward. Move.  If you move, no matter how slowly, you are passing all the people who aren’t moving.” Meredith Atwood

We like the way Meredith Atwood thinks (and writes for that matter).   In case you haven’t heard of her by that name, she’s also known as “Swim, Bike Mom” ( and she’s hilarious.  She’s also on a mission to get people off the couch and moving and that’s where our paths crossed. 

We’ve mentioned this before but in addition to trying our absolute hardest to make some great gear (shameless plug..we've placed a "shop now" button on this very page), we also want to, in some small way (or big way if that is in the cards), leave things better than when we found them.  Make a mark, so to speak.  Leave a legacy.

In a recent blog, we questioned why people who have “means and access” might decide against participating in endurance sports.  We certainly understand if someone doesn’t participate because they have other interests or if they don’t have access.  That being said, we think there are still quite a few people who want to try but they just can’t make that first step.  We received dozens of responses and they generally fell into two primary categories. 

The first was “lack of knowledge”.  They weren’t sure how to train for a race, what gear to use or how to really even get started.  We certainly understand that. The distances are intimidating, it’s hard to determine what equipment you really need (versus just “nice to have”) and don’t even get me started on the terminology. At first, it’s like a foreign language. During one of my early sessions on my first road bike on the Silver Comet trail in Atlanta, someone asked me about my group set.  I’m sorry…my what?  Group Set…he said.  Gruppo.  When I told him I wasn’t ready to ride in a group just yet, he shook his head and pedaled off.   

Add the competing training methodologies and the contradictory information out there on nutrition, and it’s enough to convince someone on the fence to hop off and walk right back into the living room. Where they promptly, order pizza for delivery set up permanent shop on the couch.

The second category was “fear”.  Now, while this could be the result of number one (lack of knowledge), it could also be because of unrealistic pressure they put on themselves.  I’m sure many people are afraid of what other people might think.  “What if I don’t finish?” “What if I’m slow?”  “What if I look like a dork?”  “What if I drown during the swim?” And don’t even get us started on the subject of sharks!

In any event, we get it.  Fear can be immobilizing and if there isn’t someone there to get you out of your own head and to calm you down….it’s back to the couch.

So the question we asked ourselves is…”How can we at least start to make a difference?”  Now we don’t have deep pockets but we should at least try to do something.  And that brings us back to Meredith.

We love her blog and we have plenty of friends who can relate to her stories. As it turns out, she also wrote a book called Triathlon for the Every Woman. It’s fun and informative, it contains some training tips (i.e. knowledge), and we think it might go a ways toward alleviating “fear” and getting someone up and out the door to give multi-sports a try.

So here’s the deal. We bought ten copies of Meredith’s book to give away. If you’re reading this blog and know of someone who is on the fence about giving their first triathlon a try. Let them know we’ll send them the book for free if they’ll just read it and strongly consider signing up for an event.

We’ll also give you (the nice person who gave them a friendly, encouraging nudge) a free t-shirt for being an ambassador for health and fitness. Even if you don’t know someone directly, ask around. We bet you know someone who knows someone.

Just send us a note at info@coeursports with the details (the future triathlete’s name and address for the book and yours for the t-shirt).

Heart and Courage!

Your friends at Coeur.