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Coeur knows Jack...And Stacy

Posted: Feb 23 2014

We met Jack Murray for the first time in the Honolulu airport in 2009.  We were traveling with our friend John Martinez and were changing planes on the way to Kona for Kebby to race the Ironman World Championships.  John saw Jack sitting quietly off to the side out of the crowd and pulled us over to meet him. 

He and Jack had traveled together a few times and John introduced him as 1. The best bike mechanic on the planet, 2. One of the most loyal friends a guy could have and 3. The owner of Jack and Adam’s bike shop in Austin.  We only had a few minutes but it was easy to tell that there was something unique about him.  We didn’t have a lot of time to talk but he did volunteer to tune up our bikes on the Big Island and he wished us good luck.

As luck would have it, I got to work with Jack again a couple years later when we were planning a pet run as a fund raiser for Austin Pets Alive.  It was only then that I was able to confirm our thought that there is something very special about him.

First, everything John said is indeed true.  Jack is an amazing mechanic, a loyal friend and he does own Jack and Adam’s.  But it also turns out that he is preternaturally savvy at business, incredibly well connected and loved by pretty much everyone in Austin. And, of note at least as it pertains to this blog post, is the fact that one of his other ventures is a company called High Five Events (

High Five is a multi-sport production company also based in Austin.  Founded in 2006 as a spin-off of Jack & Adam's, High Five Events produces many of the largest and most acclaimed events in the region. Their events are extremely well organized, incredibly enjoyable and they end the year with a party for the series participants. Gotta love that!

So with that as context, Coeur is thrilled to announce that that we have reached an agreement with High Five Events, to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Skeese Greets Women’s Triathlon and the Official Women’s Apparel Line of the entire Texas Tri Series!

The Skeese Greets event ( is women’s specific triathlon that provides a supportive and friendly environment for beginners and advanced triathletes alike. It will be held at the Walter E Long Park in Austin Texas on June 8, 2014.


The Texas Tri Series consists of six unique events that range from the Rookie Triathlon on May 4, 2014 to the Kerrville Triathlon Festival which includes a half iron distance race on September 28, 2014. 


So, if you’re in the Austin area, we’d encourage you to check out the events. They’re sure to be a blast and we’ll be there to cheer you on and celebrate with you at the end. Oh...and as sponsors, we get a few free entries to the events.  Stay tuned for some give away action soon.